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The Best Desserts Near the Lafayette Hotel

White & Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding a La Mode
White & Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding a La Mode—photo courtesy of Desi Vega’s Steakhouse on Facebook

Look at New Orleans’ jazz legends and you’ll notice a theme emerge: There’s Sweet Emma Barrett. Jelly Roll Morton. Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Club. Do these musical greats have a syrupy quality in their tunes, or did they just really love dessert? Knowing how much New Orleanians worship food and music, the answer is probably a little from column A, a little from column B.

Here are a few legendary dessert spots that are walking or biking distance from the Lafayette Hotel. (Because why not burn off a few calories after you indulge?)

Desi Vega’s Steakhouse (628 St. Charles Ave.)

Come to this sunny, upscale eatery for the steaks. Stay for the house-made desserts: peanut butter pie, chocolate bread pudding, cheesecake, crème brulee and red velvet brownies.

Bittersweet Confections (725 Magazine St.)

Delicious desserts (truffles, cupcakes, cookies, caramels) served in a quirky coffee shop setting with all the hipster accouterments (chalkboard menu, Edison bulbs, sidewalk) seating—that’s what you’ll find at this popular chocolate boutique.

Swiss Confectionary (747 St. Charles Ave.)

Custom wedding cakes star at the family-owned bakery (open since 1921), but there are also petit fours, cookies, rum balls and chocolates available to grab and go… or devour on the spot.

Willa Jean (611 O’Keefe Ave.)

The “cookies and milk” dessert at this airy John Besh restaurant comes with a chocolate chip cookie, vanilla milk and a beater chock-full of raw (pasteurized) cookie dough. There’s also cake, banana pudding and strawberry and key lime shortcake.

Bakery Bar (1179 Annunciation St.)

Craft cocktails and an emphasis on all things sweet—including doberge cake, cookies, bananas Foster bread pudding and more—what more could you want?

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