Lafayette Hotel - New Orleans
600 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70130
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Tourists enjoying the New Orleans French Quarter
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The Lafayette Hotel News & Updates

February 22, 2019

Located in the heart of New Orleans’ historic Arts District, the Lafayette Hotel is a delightful embarkation point for exploring New Orleans. It overlooks the St. Charles streetcar line, which takes guests to the Quarter or uptown to the Garden District, and art lovers can feast their eyes just a block from the hotel on […]

August 31, 2018

The hardest part about traveling isn’t going through airport security checks or adjusting to different time zones. It’s having to leave your precious pup behind. (Even if you bring a phone full of photos and hire the best dog sitter, saying goodbye to a beloved furball is never easy.) Fortunately, New Orleans is a city […]

August 31, 2018

French Quarter by Long Zheng The Big Easy got its nickname because of its laissez faire outlook–but it’s also a surprisingly easy place to bike. That’s thanks to its small footprint, pancake-flat terrain and nearly 100 miles of new bike infrastructure. Bike trails, paths and racks connect the city’s neighborhoods and landscape. In fact, cycling […]

August 31, 2018

New Orleans is an art-lovers paradise. This culturally rich city has an eccentric, unique vibe that has attracted both artists and art-appreciators for decades. New Orleans is home to countless art museums, galleries, and festivals that are a must-see for visitors to the city. If you are planning a trip to the Big Easy, book […]

June 13, 2018

Kick off your summer with the exciting Essence Festival in New Orleans! This unique New Orleans festival hosts renowned musical performers, special guest speakers, beauty and fashion, delicious local food, and more! If music is your passion, Essence Festival should be at the top of your list for fun things to do this summer. Essence […]

March 28, 2018

The Lafayette Hotel (pronounced LAFFY-ette by locals) is perched right on the edge Lafayette Square, a leafy, 2.5-acre site that’s one of the city’s oldest parks. It boasts a 150-year history of hosting public celebrations, inaugurations and concerts. Each year, 72,000 people continue that tradition when the Young Leadership Committee (YLC) rolls out Wednesday at […]

November 29, 2017

Photo courtesy of Arts Council of New Orleans by Bryce Ell Photography From high-tech LED lighting on the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s exterior and neon signs that blaze 24/7 on Bourbon Street to the tiny yellow flames of a gas lantern and the lurid pinks and purples of a sunset, New Orleans is a city characterized by its […]

September 18, 2017

New Orleans is passionate about many things, but especially the New Orleans Saints professional football team! Saints fans are among the most dedicated, spirited fans in all of football. You will find die-hard fans from near and far tailgating for hours before a game begins with delicious local food like jambalaya and gumbo, drinks, music, […]

August 3, 2017

White & Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding a La Mode—photo courtesy of Desi Vega’s Steakhouse on Facebook Look at New Orleans’ jazz legends and you’ll notice a theme emerge: There’s Sweet Emma Barrett. Jelly Roll Morton. Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Club. Do these musical greats have a syrupy quality in their tunes, or did they just really […]

July 28, 2017

Photo courtesy of CellarDoor Call it a hedonist’s catch-22: New Orleans bars are open all night long, but the same can’t be said for its restaurants. So when the inevitable late-night munchies roll around, many party people are out of luck. Don’t worry, there are plenty of kitchens open late in the Big Easy. You […]
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