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Where to Buy Essentials Near the Lafayette Hotel

New Orleans may be a tourist mecca, but it’s also a working city, where tens of thousands of New Orleanians go to their jobs every day, and need to buy groceries, do their laundry, or pick something up from the hardware store.

Even if you’re on vacation, you may have errands to run as well. Forget to pack enough sunscreen? Need to pick up a bottle of wine for the room – or get a wine stain off your blouse? There are plenty of places not far from the Lafayette Hotel where you can find what you need. And since this is New Orleans, you’ll get some local color to boot.

Rouses Market (701 Baronne St.)

Founded in 1963 down the bayou in Houma, this family-owned supermarket chain now boasts 63 stores throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast. The secret to its success? Rouses prides itself on stocking a bounty of fresh local seafood, produce and made-in-Louisiana products. During crawfish season, it serves hot-out-the-pot mudbugs, and its hot sauce section of fiery brews is several shelves deep. Need to restock the bar? Choose from a wide selection of wine, beer and spirits. Open till 1 a.m.

Brothers Food Mart (148 Carondelet)

Sure, it’s just a convenience store, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Phone chargers? Check. Snacks? Check. Craft beer? Check, and a surprisingly wide selection. It’s also conveniently located just blocks from the hotel, and offers much more than the basics. The fried chicken at this particular Brothers location gets rave reviews from dozens of past customers, who praise its crispiness, juiciness, and spiciness. The meat pies here also have many devoted fans. Did we mention it’s open 24 hours?

Mary’s Ace Hardware Store (732 N. Rampart St.)

Chances are you won’t need a socket wrench or ball peen hammer during your visit. But Mary’s stocks plenty of stuff out-of-town guests might find useful, from bike-repair kits to umbrellas. Venture “A Step Above” to Mary’s second-floor kitchen & bath emporium, where you’ll find a bounty of local foods that make great edible souvenirs. Lagniappe: Free coffee and off-street parking.

Walgreens (619 Decatur St.)

Like every other Walgreens in the country, this store stocks the usual array of drugstore essentials and beauty products. But you’re not in Kansas anymore. Housed in an art deco building, complete with neon arches, the Decatur St. branch boasts a trove of New Orleans souvenirs like pralines and Cafe du Monde coffee, priced much lower than in French Quarter tourist shops. You can also score good deals on champagne, wine, and spirits. And, it stays open until midnight.

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